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Did you know that I, Naomi Benson, the owner and operator of West Seattle Maid Service make all of my own cleaning supplies?! They are organic, which means they are completely safe not only for you and your pets, but for the environment too.

The ingredients I use are simple. Essential oils, baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil as a natural polish, and rubbing alcohol for sanitizing and gooey spots on mirrors, that is all you really need for cleaning. I do buy granite polish from method, but that’s it.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about your precious stainless steel, I use olive oil to polish it. I know that sounds ridiculous (it did to me at first also) but wait until you see the results!!There will be no worries about breathing in those toxic chemicals, streaking, or slipping on the residue left on your floor afterwards left by the commercial stainless steel polishes.

Last but not least, Essential oils are the true secret to my cleaning solutions. Not only do they keep things smelling fantastic, but they have many powerful benefits for your home. Some of the essential oils I use are; Lavender (antiseptic), Eucalyptus (antiseptic), Tea tree (anti-fungal), Lemongrass(insect repellant), Lemon(disinfectant), Sweet Orange(degreaser), Geranium (anti-microbial), and Rosemary(anti-bacterial). Note: If you dislike any of these scents make sure to let me know, I will be happy to whip up a custom mixture just for you!

Please keep in mind that where it is needed I am happy to use something if you prefer or require it, but that is something you would be expected to supply.

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My Story: I was born and raised in West Seattle attending Madison Middle school, and graduating from West Seattle high school. I live by the mantra of shopping local, supporting the arts, and being good to the environment. I am also is an animal lover, and an avid craftswoman who really enjoys making just about anything myself.

In 2007 while working in the food industry, I made it a personal goal to be more environmentally conscious. I want to contribute to a better future in some way, and learn how to live as a steward of the earth.

When I was in search of a new career and having a hard time given the difficult economic times, I thought “why not start a green cleaning business?!” So in August 2012 I began to take on clients and their adorable pets. So far I have zero complaints,  I couldn’t be happier as a small business owner and I love all of my clients and their pets!